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Il Team di sviluppo e supporto sistemistico è preposto allo svolgimento di attività tecniche di definizione architetturale, configurazione, integrazione, delivery e avviamento, supporto specialistico nelle problematiche di fault management.

Team development and system support is responsible for the performance of technical activities of architectural definition, configuration, integration, delivery and commissioning, specialist support in the issues of fault management.

The activities of the Team include: - Support for the testing and integration of systems - Systems Integration & Testing - Preparation of project documentation - Preparation of manuals for the end user - Preparation of ICT systems, functional test, identifying anomalies and diagnosis of possible causes - Implementation of software interfaces for the access to services - systems Design: design, integration and improvement of systems - Development of the architectures software, security and performance; - Description architecture, components and logical flows. - Configuring systems, management support of Configuration Management and maintenance of the CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base); - Design, construction and maintenance of the areas of production; - System Management Network Management - Management of Operating Systems - Performance tuning, system-level programming, integration between different platforms; - Diagnosis and troubleshooting of IP enabled systems and hybrid configurations.

The Team provides services Installation, Maintenance, Technical Assistance on site, Presidio and Traceability. It constitutes the mass of maneuver Sintware the territory that has the expertise to carry out the maintenance and Evolutionary Adeguativa, services installation and configuration, updating software / hardware.